You Meet So Many Nice People…at a SOAR Event!

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With so many opportunities to converse with others concerned about Ventura County’s open space, the SOAR campaign brought us together like no other effort.

Whether at a clubhouse in Santa Rosa Valley or the Camarillo Library table, a Ventura Hillside concert, at Thousand Oaks trailheads, with Santa Paula youth going door to door, in the streets of Simi, in front of Trader Joe’s and Vons, in the parks of Moorpark, at fairs and parades, and even in the City Council chambers of Oxnard…we found a fun and dedicated crew willing to do what had to get done.

From the kick-off fundraisers in Westlake Village and Ventura, to the artists painting for SOAR at a beautiful venue overlooking Lake Sherwood, to the strawberry party on an Oxnard farm, to the dozens of homes opened for SOAR fundraising events with delicious farm to table food, the best homemade cookies, and wine and cheese patio parties overlooking what was at stake: Conejo Creek, Ahmanson Ranch, the Oxnard Plain, farms in Fillmore, the future of Santa Paula, to the “wrap-up” celebration at the Sportsman’s Lodge, a good time was had by all.

Now, we look forward to renewing these connections and continuing those conversations at the SOAR Celebration planned for the New Year! It will be a grand gathering…and we look forward to seeing you there!

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