Donate to Ensure SOAR’s Victory in November

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SOAR is facing the battle of a lifetime. To keep SOAR in place for another generation – until 2050 – we will need to raise additional funds to defeat the developers’ divide and conquer strategy. Established in 1998, SOAR is the best way to protect Ventura County’s open space and agricultural resources.


Donate to Ensure SOAR Protections

Developers and large landowners spent hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing SOAR when it was first approved in 1998. Based on their strategies to date, it is clear that our opponents will again be extremely well-funded and will do their utmost to confuse voters with their competing initiative.  But we know that voters will continue to support us as long as we have the resources to get our message out.

Now more than ever SOAR needs your financial support to ensure that SOAR’s protections are renewed. Would you consider a $500 donation? Or $250? What about a recurring monthly pledge? Visit our donation page to make your contribution today! Anything helps.

Thank you for supporting SOAR 2050!

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